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1. A person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.


Empaths are highly sensitive, finely tuned, intuitive, big hearted -  super humans. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme, and rely more on their intuition than their intellect.


Empaths innately are able to deeply feel, see and understand others - making them natural healers, teachers and therapists.


Often they may absorb and feel the emotions, thought forms, energies and symptoms of others.  However, many times the gift of being an empath may feel like a burden.

Feeling overwhelmed, bombarded, anxious, depressed, prone to binges (food, sex, drugs) and exhausted and just some of the side effects of being an empath without proper boundaries and clearing practices.  

Being an empath doesn't have to make you feel too much all the time.  With proper tools, training and practice, being a highly sensitive person or empath can be one of the greatest gifts of your LIFE. 


I developed this course to help others, like me, with the gift of being a highly sensitive empath to navigate the world better -  empowered, clear and with more energy to live life with greater joy and ease.​


Sura Devi

What is included

- 6 hours live course material via 3x online modules (2 hours per module)

- 3 downloadable recordings for each training (1x for each module) 

- 3 printable one-sheeters for each training 


February 26th, March 5th, March 12th

Call Times are 5pm PST/8pm EST

Recordings will be available after each call 
Registration closes February 25th @ midnight

"Of course I feel too much, I am a universe of exploding stars."

~ S. Ajna

Module 1 : The Foundations

Energetic Grounding

Connection to Source 

Opening and Closing your Chakras


Module 2 :  Getting Clear

Energetic Boundaries

Clearing your Energetic Bodies

Clearing your Chakras 

Module 3 : Calling in Angelic Support

Connecting with Archangel Michael

Clearing with Archangel Michael

Protection with Archangel Michael

Developing your Practice 


February 26th, March 5th, March 12th

Live Call Times: 5pm PST/8pm EST 

Recordings will be available after each call 

Registration closes March 25th @ midnight​​

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Energy Management Online Course


Energy Management Online Course



"Sura Devi's work is truly transformative.  The work changed my life.  I learned to reconnect with myself, my body, and spirit. My work with Sura brought me back to my life. Thank you Sura!"

Liz Weinstein, Charlotte NC

"Sura Devi is positive, funny, kind, real and intuitive. A true healer and teacher." 

Clara Freeman, Chicago IL

"Sura Devi is so intutive and loving that if you are open to it, this work helps you emotionally and spiritually.  I feel very very blessed to have found her!!!" 

Bridgett Brown, Manhattan NYC

"My experience with Sura was nothing less than transformative.   She is an extremely knowledgeable intuitive practitioner,  who has this profound ability to not only promote one's physical liberation but also to enhance one's sense of peace. I highly recommend her."

Lisa Bodner, Pittsburgh, PA

"Sura's  support blends healing, intuitive guidance, and deep wisdom. Her loving care is both a facilitation of your spiritual journey as well as a deep healing. I highly recommend her!!"

Elise Perelman, Manhattan NYC

"In just a matter of weeks, I have seen so many changes in myself; physically, mentally, and above all emotionally. Her work has lead me on a path of getting in touch with a side of myself that has been buried for so many years. A truer, purer, whole self. I am so fortunate to have her as a healer, teacher and guide."

Jacqueline James, Brooklyn NYC

Energy Management Online Course


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Sura Devi 

I was living in NYC and caring for people as a Chiropractor when I realized I could no longer go on taking on people's energy and feeling so open all the time to the energy, thoughts, emotions and vibrations of others.  Just taking a subway ride would wreck me and I was questioning whether I could continue working as a healer.  I prayed long and hard and discovered these energetic tools that I am sharing in this course with you.  

With daily practice, I found my boundaries growing stronger, my energy increasing and my joy returning again.  I believe we have a responsibility as a highly sensitive person and/or an empath, to learn and care for our energy in order to be of greater service to LIFE.  Our sensitivity, with proper care and management, is truly a gift that has been bestowed upon us. Often times these gifts can seem more frustrating than anything else. But, there is a way to have gifts serve us instead of wreck us.  It is my sincere desire that this course will provide you with tools and practices to know yourself better and to empower yourself to care for your energy better.

These tools are only a beginning.  The true power lies in using these tools daily and building your spiritual muscles in the practice of energy management.  For me, these practices have changed my life for the better.   I no longer feel constantly bombarded by unwanted energies.  I have more energy, clarity and I am able to more powerfully share my gifts.  I am here - grounded and empowered, opening when I choose to and closing when I choose to.  Also, my spiritually development accelerated once I had a practice in place to manage my energy better.  If what I am sharing resonates with you, I warm heartedly invite you to join us to develop your practice and experience the benefits. 

With great love and respect,

Sura Devi 

"For me, energy management has been key to

embracing the  gift of sensitivity." - Sura Devi

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Energy Management Online Course